How to Grow a Money Tree for Good Luck Feng Shui

Learn how to care for your money tree including proper soil medium, potting instructions, sunlight requirements, watering, fertilization and pruning/training instructions

Pachira Aquatica; commonly referred to as the money tree, is rumored to bestow good luck to its owners. It is one of the easiest plants to grow whether one wishes to keep it as a Bonsai plant or tall tree.

Money trees are commonly raised indoors and can be trained as bonsai or allowed to grow to heights reaching four or five feet. Pachira Aquatica is characterized by its several braided trunks which branch out at the top producing large multi-leaved foliage.

Soil Requirements: The money tree must be planted in well draining soil; a cactus soil medium works well. Make sure that there is an abundance of pearlite in the soil mixture to retain moisture and aid in drainage.

Potting Guidelines: If one wishes to allow his or her money tree to grow to its tallest and fullest potential, then the plant should be planted in a large container. The larger the container, the longer the money tree will be able to grow without needing to be repotted. However, if one wishes to maintain a smaller bonsai tree then the plant should be placed into a pot that is considerably small. One will need to repot the plant twice a year; moving to only a slightly larger pot each time.

Sunlight Requirements: The money tree does well in indirect moderate sunlight or full shade. It does not need much sunlight in order to grow healthfully.

Watering and Fertilization: Water the Pachira Aquatica plant once every seven to ten days. Do not over water; simply pour enough water into the container to moisten the soil. One may also use a spray bottle to spray the leaves of the plant as a way to foliar feed. Use liquid fertilizer during watering every other time the plant is watered.

Pruning/Training: The money tree typically consists of five separate trunks that are braided together to form a single trunk mass. At the top of each trunk sprouts several branches which sprout beautiful foliage. Once the pattern of braiding has been established, one only has to continue the pattern each time the trunk has grown tall enough to be braided.

However, over time one will notice that the branches sprouting from the top of the trunks disrupt one’s ability to continue the braid. At this time the branches must be completely removed before continuing the braid; don’t worry, they will grow back. Consider rooting the branches that have to be removed from the original money tree to create another money tree.

If there are unsightly gaps in between the trunks of the trees, or one wishes to slowly bend the trunks of the money tree there are certain supplies one should use. Tightly wrap yarn around the braided trunks to encourage them to grow closer together. Leave the yarn on for several weeks before removing it and retying it if the gaps have not closed completely. As for slowly bending the trunks of the money tree, plastic zip ties are the best tool to employ. Tighten and pull the ties into place to slowly manipulate the money tree into growing the way you wish.

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