Perennial Flowers for Cottage Gardens

Traditional cottage garden flowers include many species of plants; delphinium, peony and sweet william are perennial flowers which will bloom more than once.

Traditional country cottage gardens can be traced back to England but today there are many variations on the country cottage garden to be found in the U.S. and Canada; when learning how to create a country cottage garden, there are many things to consider including the size and color of flowers. Perennial flowers will provide lasting color for more than one season.

Delphiniums for Cottage Gardens

Delphinium refers to a collective genus of plants which includes approximately 300 flowering perennials; delphiniums are members of the ranunculaceae plant family. The classic cottage garden delphinium is a tall, colorful plant, traditionally available in shades of blue, purple and white. Delphiniums are also known by the name larkspur; cottage garden delphiniums can grow to a height of five feet, depending on the species. Delphiniums traditionally flower throughout the summer months in the Northern hemisphere. It should be be noted that delphiniums are poisonous.

Peonies for Cottage Gardens

The peony species belongs to the paeoniaceae plant family; peonies are native to Asia, southern Europe and North America. Most perennial peony species grow to a height of up to five feet but some species of peony grow taller. Traditional cottage garden peonies flower throughout the spring and summer; cottage garden peonies are large flowers in shades of pink, white and yellow. Peony flowers can also be fragrant.

Sweet William for Cottage Gardens

Sweet william (Dianthus barbatus) is a member of the caryophyllaceae plant family; it is a small, flowering perennial which grows to a height of up to 2 ½ feet. Traditional cottage garden Sweet William flowers are available in shades of pink, white, red and purple; Sweet William naturally attracts butterflies, birds and bumble bees into the garden, due to its sweet tasting nectar. Sweet William was a popular plant in Victorian England and was said to symbolize gallantry in the Victorian language of flowers.

Alternative Perennial Flowers for Cottage Gardens

There are many other perennial flowers for cottage gardens including:

wall flower.

In addition, there are many annual cottage garden flowers. Cottage garden flowers are traditionally a mix of climbing, tall and fragrant plants including herbs and roses. Delphiniums, peonies and Sweet William provide a mix of traditional cottage garden flowers which will bring both color and depth to a country style garden; in addition these particular species of plants will flower for more than one season and provide lasting color throughout the warmer months of the year.

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