Gardening – New Money Saving Tips

Gardening is universally one of the most popular hobbies . Here are some money saving tips that are new and innovative.

The human attraction to gardening is age old, most likely primal. Some gardeners are ardent horticulturists while others simply enjoy playing in the yard and reaping the benefits. Either way it is always nice to find new ways to save money.

Gardening Seeds

Start flower seeds in a plastic cake container, it’s just deep enough and the replaceable lid will protect the baby plants from the elements.
Garden centers will happily give away their old plant trays, they make great seed starting pots for the heartier plants.
Yogurt cups with clear lids will protect individual seed starts.
Cardboard egg cartons are good for seed starting, then they can be planted.
A flour sifter allows for gently covering seeds with soil.
Empty plastic film cans make for great seed storage, then they can be labeled with masking tape.
Old ice cube trays also make for good, reusable seed starting trays.
Many perennials visibly drop their seeds after they flower; collect these then dry and plant them.

Money Saving Planting Ideas

Rotted out old logs make nice rustic planters.
Cut up mini blinds make perfect plant markers.
Never buy landscape fabric; newspaper or cardboard works just as well under mulch.
2 liter plastic drink bottles make great mini green houses. Just cut about about 4 inches up from the bottom, fill with soil then seeds, and replace top portion.
Save money on annuals by taking cuttings in the fall.
CBS blocks makes nice planters and allow roots to grow as deep as they like.
Old bird feeders can be filled with soil and cascading flowers.
Old tree stumps – don’t hassle to remove them, dig out the center and make it a planter.
Dollar store pipe cleaners will tie plants up nicely, and the color coding helps for identification and placement purposes.
Old shoes make for very interesting plant pots.
Keep soil from falling out of the bottom of pots with old drier sheets.
Crushed milk cartons can be used as filler and drainage under the soil in larger pots; this will save on potting soil and make the pots more light weight.

Miscellaneous Gardening Tips That Save Money

Buy a used child’s wagon at a garage sale for toting plants and gardening tools.
Keep soil moist on your indoor seedlings by covering them with a shower cap.
Wet cotton balls placed on top of the soil also keeps seedlings from becoming dehydrated.
Create a little “moat” around plants to direct and conserve water.
Place cut pieces of carpet around the base of fruit and vegetable plants to ward off rotting that occurs when fruit or veggies sit on the soil.
Use tree prunings as plant stakes.
Clean grass clippings and other yard waste make great mulch.
Thrift store fabric can be used to crate a “wind break’ to protect plants.
Hanging shoe caddies are good for storing gardening tools in the shed or garage.
Set out tin barrels to collect rain water; plants love it.
Rinse and relabel household cleaner spray bottles and use them for bug killers and plant fertilizers.
Make inexpensive stepping stones by pouring cement into cake pans. The same cake pan can be used over and over, and get creative, it can be fun.

Think Garden Before Garbage

There are items that are routinely thrown out that, when recycled, would make great plant holders. Some examples are; old shoes or boots, pots and pans, tea kettles, chipped bowls, baskets, tupperware etc. With a little imagination many things (butter, sour cream, cream cheese containers to name a few) can be covered in material and/or painted and reused to pot a plant. Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to look for gardening tools and pots, even plants. Neighbors might be interested in starting a seed swap every year, it’s a great way for everyone to diversify their gardens. Seed swaps also are a great excuse for neighbors to get together, compare notes and talk gardening.

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