How to Plant a Rose Bush

Beautiful Roses Start at Planting Time

Planting a rose bush properly with the tips found in this article will help ensure the rose’s health and longevity.

If a rose bush is planted properly, it will help the bush to live for years, even decades. A little extra work at planting time really does pay off with years of beautiful, healthy roses.

Dig The Planting Hole

Dig a circular planting hole that is 18 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep in a sunny location away from trees.

It’s best to dig the planting hole before you buy the rose bush. That way, you can get the rose bush planted in its new home without further delay.

Rose bushes will come in bare-root varieties or container grown, and the quicker they are planted in a permanent home, the better.

Prepare the Soil

The soil you removed from the planting hole needs to be amended before planting your rose bush and backfilling the planting hole.

Mix in cow manure, compost and/or peat to the removed soil. The mixture should be 1/2 soil and 1/2 whatever type of organic matter you use. Also add 1/2 pound of bone meal to the soil mixture.

The soil the rose bush is planted in will be undisturbed for many years; mixing soil, organic matter and bone meal will keep the soil from compacting and the ingredients will nourish the roots for years.

How to Plant a Rose Bush

Form a cone of soil (with prepared soil mixture) in the center of the planting hole. The rose bush will rest on this soil cone. Add soil to the center of the cone until it is the right height to ensure the rose bush’s roots are at the same soil level they were at previously.

When the soil cone is the proper height, center the rose bush’s roots on the soil cone and gently spread the feeder roots down the sides of the soil cone. Don’t bend, break or bunch up the roots. Each root needs to be in contact with the soil and have room to grow.

Begin backfilling the planting hole with the remaining soil mixture, gently tapping down the soil as you are backfilling. Leave a slight indentation in soil when the planting hole is filled, the indentation will act as a water basin for the rose bush.

Be careful not cover the graft union on the base of the rose bush when planting, the graft union is a rough, golf-ball size lump where the rose bush was grafted onto root stock.

Water the rose bush in well and apply a layer of mulch around the bottom of the bush, being careful that the mulch does not touch the main stem of the rose bush.

Proper planting ensures the rose bush’s soil needs will be met so it can thrive for many years to come.

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