Growing a Bonsai Juniper Species

The bonsai juniper tree is a popular bonsai species and is perfect for any amateur bonsai owners.It offers the option to cultivate as a young or old bonsai.

The bonsai juniper tree is one of the most popular bonsai tree to grow and there is a lot of reason too. With over 50 species to choose from, the bonsai owner will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing his own bonsai species.

The Juniper Species are easier species to take care of and perfect for any bonsai beginners. The experience gained from practice can be later imparted into taking care of more difficult species.

Juniper Species

Juniper species is actually a hybrid form of the Chinese bonsai. Provided that it is taken care of properly, it can live over two hundred years. It is not unusual to hear of this species being passed down from generation to generation.

One of the better traits of the juniper species is that they are a more flexible species. Most bonsai can be either grown indoors or outdoors. However, the juniper species can be grown both indoor and outdoor. This gives the bonsai a lot of flexibility to be used as a house decoration item and can be displayed outside or inside whenever the situation calls for it.

The juniper is also easier to maintain than other species. It is relatively disease free and actually thrives well in lots of sunlight. The minimum hours of sunlight that the bonsai should be exposed to is around 4 hours. The best time to expose it to the sunlight is around morning. Avoid exposing it during noon since the hot sun can easily cause the juniper to dehydrate.

Choosing a Juniper

When choosing the bonsai, there is the option of choosing a younger or older bonsai. Younger bonsai can be a good training experience for any beginner bonsai enthusiast. The younger bonsai can be manipulated into any shape they desire. Older bonsai has already been pruned many times and won’t provide the thrill of growing.

Fertilizers are also important in maintaining a healthy and vibrant juniper. The best time to fertilize them will be from spring to fall. The best types of fertilizers are the organic ones. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer bag on how to use it properly.

Though the juniper may still be an easy species does not mean half-hearted effort should be put in. Put the best foot forward for the juniper and it will reward the owner with beautiful foliage in return.

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