Optimal Orchid Care and Maintenance

Learn how to care for those orchids the right way. Explore orchid supplies, orchid pots, orchid fertilizers and orchid potting mixes to grow orchids.

Before planting orchids, make sure that orchid growers have all the orchid growing supplies necessary to ensure optimal orchid care and maintenance. Here is a list of most of the orchid growing supplies that orchid growers will need for this and the tips that orchid growers can employ to make sure that orchid growers purchase the right orchid growing supplies.

Orchid Pots

At the top of any list of orchid growing supplies are the pots to grow the orchids in. Preferably, orchid growers should keep aside a place where their orchids can grow without restraint. Orchid growers should ensure that they are potted well. The choice of orchid pot orchid growers employ and location will certainly impact the success of their orchid growing venture.

The most common orchid pots are either made out of plastic or terracotta clay. Pots or large planters made from terracotta, wood, ceramic or plastic make ideal orchid pots for growing large spreading orchids such as Cymbidia.

Orchid Fertilizers

When it comes to orchid growing supplies, orchid growers should also choose the right orchid fertilizers. There are some fertilizers that are particularly made for orchids and the exact kind of fertilizer employed varies for each different kind of orchid that orchid growers are growing. When choosing orchid fertilizers, search for orchid fertilizers that contain nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), along with trace elements such as iron.

These orchid fertilizers help the orchids to bloom and grow faster. Typically, orchid growers should start with more Nitrogen based orchid fertilizer just when the new orchid shoots are showing, more Phosphorous and Potassium being essential towards the end of the orchid growing season.

Orchid Potting Mixes

Another orchid growing supply is the potting mixes. Instead of organic soils and composts, Orchids need an appropriate mix of water retaining and aerating materials found in potting mixes. The ratio depends on the kind of orchid. Orchid potting mixes are usually a mixture of organic fibers and inorganic materials.

Orchid Grow Lights

One of the most significant orchid growing supplies that orchid growers will need is the grow lights. Natural light is the best light that orchid growers can give for their orchids. However if this is not available, orchid growers can always buy grow lights for orchids.

Orchid Pest Care

For the best orchid care, orchid growers should also buy orchid pest and disease controlling products. Common pest associated with Cattleyas orchids are scale and spider mites. X-CLUDE, encapsulated pyrethrum time-release insecticide is the most efficient method of orchid pest control. In addition, Metaldehyde is a employful tool for elimination of slugs and snails. Sprinkle Slug-N-Snail granules on top of the orchid pot.

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