Research the Many Varieties of Orchids

If you find yourself being attracted to particular orchid species to grow make sure you do some research first. Not all orchids are easy to grow.

Did you know that there are more than 100,000 varieties of orchids? There are hundreds of species, and within each species there are lots of specific varieties. While it’s amazing to know this, it might seem like just a random fact. Unless you’re getting ready to grow orchids, then this really is just a random fact. If you get ready to buy an orchid to grow in your home, though, this is definitely something you need to know and learn more about.

Research the Type of Orchid You Wish to Grow

Not all orchids are on a level as far as ease of growing goes. Many, in fact, are ridiculously difficult to grow even for the greenest of green thumbs, and others are simple for the beginner horticulturist or amateur gardener to grow. Keeping many orchids alive is one thing, but coaxing them to actually bloom is another story altogether. If you want to have orchids in your home or office that will actually bloom in season, then you need to research orchid types before making a purchase.

A Few Suggestions to Follow

Basically, different types of orchids favor different types of growing conditions. Knowing which conditions your orchid favors can make all the difference in whether or not you can successfully grow it. When you research orchid varieties before making a purchase, there are several things to watch out for:

Light Requirements: This is a big one for many orchid lovers. If you’re in a home or apartment without many window options, then you need to get orchids that are suited to the environment you can provide. Sun loving orchids should be in south facing windows, and orchids that prefer filtered light will do better in east or west facing windows. Orchids that like medium to low light can even survive away from a window in the middle of a room as long as natural sunlight filters in throughout the day.

Watering Requirements: Most orchids don’t need watered more than once a week. Check the particular variety to see what it requires so you know what you’re getting into.

Bloom Seasons and Lengths: If your goal is to have an orchid in bloom as much as possible, you’re going to have to do some serious research. Even though the orchids you see in the store are always in bloom, this isn’t the case in your home. Like other plants, orchids have seasonal blooms, although some can maintain flower nearly year round. Check when the flowers bloom and how long blooms can be expected to last before making a purchase.

Fertilizer Requirements: Orchids are what are known in the plant world as heavy feeders. This means they need to be fertilized fairly often. Make sure you know what type of fertilizer you can use and how often to offer extra food to your plant before you buy one that needs too much fertilizing for your taste.

Overall Ease of Growth: There may not be a tag on the plant telling you how easy it is to grow. Research online or talk to an expert about the easiest growing orchid varieties before purchasing one.

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